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Curriculum (Under Reconstruction - September 2020)

Our Ambitious Creative Curriculum


What elements of Geography are children expected to understand each year?


In what order do pupils delve into the past of the Britian and other countries?

The Arts

How are opportunities offered to eplore, develop and extend music, design and dance skills and knowledge?

Physical Education

How will my child develop their knowledge and physical fitness?


What Science concenpts are taught and how will my child aquire scientific knowledge?


In an fast moving world, how will my child be quiped with the most uptodate skills within computing?

Religious Education

In a Community School, how is RE taught to our children?

British Values and Character

How is British Citizenship and Character Development linked into the curriculum?

Personal, Social and Emotional Education (PSHE)- Including Sex and Relationship Education (SRE)

What is expected to be dicussed and explored with my child?

Special Educational Needs

What does an inclusive classroom look like?

An ambitious curriculum





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