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Establish starting points

Assessment for learning cycle

Meaningful Assessment

An Overview to assessment at ATP

Teachers use a range of assessment tools to ensure pupils progress through the curriculum.  These include a primarily formative assessment approach that informs teaching and learning.  For example: knowledge quizzes (See LBQ below), live marking, feedback and end of unit assessments. 

At four years old, as children start school, a baseline activity assessment takes place. Progress for attainment is based on this assessment as children progress through school.  However, teachers would not limit any pupil’s potential attainment but enable all pupils to achieve their best.  Pupils are expected to complete formal assessment tests, these test skills are taught directly and pupils are well versed when it comes to the end of Primary School SATs tests. 

Our school’s unique needs are met by INSIGHT. In addition to recording our own bespoke teacher assessments, we can record any number of other tests, groups and interventions. Insight is flexible, so we can enter all kinds of data and analyse it using the same simple reporting tools. Everything is colour-coded for quick visual appraisal.

Learning By Questions - Our Diagnostic Tool

Our instant diagnostic tool 

'If you use LbQ for just
ten minutes a day you
could increase learning
by more than 20% in
an academic year'

Results from teachers in
Feedback50 Trial Study across UK

LbQ is a listening organisation.  Building  pedagogy, technology & teaching & learning resources using evidence from schools, teachers, pupils, leading research, independent randomised controlled trials & recognised bodies such as The Institute for Effective Education & The Education Endowment Foundation.

This focuses on what works & does not work at a practical level in classrooms using lesson-by-lesson feedback from teachers & data from millions of pupil answers to high-quality questions. This direct reading from classrooms taken together with the research provides a rich picture of the developing evidence base. This is used by LbQ to improve the attainment & wider outcomes of children & young people, as well as eliminating unnecessary burdens on teachers

What happens if my child needs extra help in a subject?

Our teaching team use a range of programs to support accelerated progress for our pupils. These have been carefully selected through evidence based research and proven impact on high levels of pupil progress.  

Writing intervention

Reading - The Science of Reading

Barington Stoke Description


There are 100 lessons with a Scope and Sequence beginning with letter sounds, progressing through morphology vocabulary and comprehension.​​​​​​​  Nessy Reading and Spelling has 100s of videos, motivating games and 1000s of supporting printable worksheets and card games.  Each student learns independently and at their own pace, gradually building confidence. The program starts with an assessment that identifies exactly where the student needs help, then guides them through an individualised learning plan. ​​​​​​​  Teachers can adapt student's lesson targets to fit in with thier teaching plans. 

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