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Appleton Thorn PTA events and fundraisers include:

How have our children benefitted from PTA fundraising?

...and much more!

Annual PTA fundraising pays for the school's subscription to the Education Library Service that many schools have had to stop through lack of funding.  So a huge thank you to everyone for your support.  The video explains more about the benefits of this library service to our children. 

PTA Committee Members

Co Chairs: Helen Batey and Lucy Desai

Treasurer: Fraser Bell 

Secretary: Laura Wilcox

email: atppta1@gmail.com

Appleton Thorn Primary PTA

Every parent and carer is automatically a member of the PTA, which is an extremely active body. The group have their own committee and are a registered charity existing to support the school through fundraising and events that enrich children’s and parents’ / carers’ experiences of Appleton Thorn.
The PTA hold a number of successful events including, the village firework display, chocolate bingo, fun run and children’s discos. The funds generated over the last four years have been used to help fund new a class set of Chrome Books, pay for ELS (the essential library service), provide superb maths and science hands on resources and build a complete running track on our field; a project that totalled £22, 000! 

I am extremely proud to be the Headteacher of a school with such an active and supportive PTA.  The PTA is not just there to raise funds. It is a supportive group to help the school and to help parents deal with the daily challenges we all have to face on a daily basis. 

Mrs Jones

If anyone would like to kindly make a donation to the PTA then this can be done via bank transfer.  Please quote what the donation is for and your initials or surname as the reference. 

Name: Appleton Thorn Parent Teacher Association

Sort Code: 01-09-17

Account: 03389340

Uniform Shop

We run a very successful second hand uniform shop for all of our families.  This is a wonderful way to keep costs down and to be ethically responsible for our world.  This is run by volunteers.  All donations are washed,  ironed and in very good condition. 

ATP Trading Post

Trading Post

This is a place for Appleton Thorn Primary parents to sell, request and swop items. This group is run by the PTA. Members are asked to consider a donation to the PTA on selling of an item or after collection of a free item.

Search for ATP Trading Post on Facebook 

PTA Facebook Page


Match Funding

Match funding FAQs

Hundreds of organisations offer their employees the chance to boost their fundraising efforts through match funding.

What is match funding?

Match giving, or match funding, is a simple way to maximise the fundraising efforts of your individual PTA volunteers. It is an informal, albeit corporate, arrangement between a company and an employee. Usually, a company pledges to match a sum of money relating to the amount the employee has either raised or donated to a charity. It is likely that there will be an upper limit and certain criteria applied, such as the recipient organisation being a registered charity. Some companies will pledge time and resources instead of money, enabling their employees to support a cause during their working week. Or a tangible service may be offered, such as the opportunity to print posters, programmes and newsletters.

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