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Pupils as leaders

It is important to us that our pupils develop a wide range of skills to prepare them for life in Britain; this includes leadership.  Children have many opportunities to lead and coach their peers.  This ranges from shorter roles within lessons, ie. a group leader / manager to House Captains, School Councillors, Play Leaders, Safety Officers, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and Starlings Prefects.  The school listens to our pupil's views constantly and our opportunities for children may look different year to year.

House Captains

Each House Captain promotes our school rules and ethos as well as encourages house teams during sport competitions.  Each week the house captain collects the points awarded to each pupil and announces this in our celebration assembly. 

School Council

Two pupils per class are awarded the role of school councillor.  Any child who wishes to go for the role can explain to their classmates how they will listen and speak on their behalf in the council about important matters and improvements to the school.  Hustings for the councillors take place annually. 

Play Leaders

Children in year 5 are trained to support possitive play and break times with the whole school.  Two children each day organise the activity trolley and games equipement.  They have the autonomy to choose games and teach these to younger pupils.  This further supports our happy playtimes. 

Safety Officers

This role falls to two pupils in year 5. Throughout the year these children promote ways to stay safe.  This will include leading assemblies with matters including safety during bonfire night and walking safely during darker winter evenings to safety online.  These officers work closely with Mrs Jones and the local PCSOs. 

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

An Anti-Bullying Ambassador is someone who has been trained by The Dianna Award Anti-Bullying programme.  Their role is to help educate their peers on bullying behaviour, lead on anti-bullying campaigns, promote a culture which celebrates difference and help keep their peers safe both online and offline.  Our school has two Ambassadors per class from year 2 to year 6 and are fully trained.  

Starlings Prefects

Children who have consistantly shown care for others and a high level of independance are given the role of Starlings Prefects.  These children will coach and teach their friends and be a role model for others.  This may be for tasks such as learning to tie shoes or lay the table; to ensuring that children's views are noticed and listened to. 

Collective Worship Team

A small team from year 6 work alongside Mrs Jones to prepare and run the twice weekly whole school worships.  They prepare the hall, set up all the technology and run the visuals and sound system.  Children use their personal skills of problem solving, common sense and indipendance along with technology literacy. 

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