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Appleton Thorn Primary School Governing Body

Anyone who is eighteen or over, a legal resident of the UK and not disqualified under the School Governance Constitution (England) Regulations 2003 is eligible for the role. You do not need to be a parent or have any particular qualifications to become a governor, enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference are the most important qualities a volunteer can have.

Appleton Thorn Primary is an inclusive school where equality is a core principle.  The Governing Body will work in partnership with the Head to develop and drive the strategic vision of the school and to ensure a whole school culture and environment within which everyone is empowered to work together to achieve success.

The Governing Body will hold the school to account with regard to achievement, challenging it to promote excellent progress, high expectations and enjoyment for all, in an exciting, creative and innovative learning culture where children are safe and feel confident, engaged and fulfilled. 

We will oversee the effective leadership and management of the school to ensure that the provision for the children is the best that it can be.  The Governing Body will encourage the school to secure the commitment of the wider community to Appleton Thorn Primary, by engendering productive partnerships with, for example, schools, other services and agencies for children, the Local Authority, higher education institutions and employers.

CHAIR OF GOVERNORS                     John Warren (Co-opted Governor)

VICE CHAIR OF GOVERNORS            Gill Hebenton (Parent Governor)

Parent Governors         Co - opted Governors       Authority Governors     Staff Governors       Headteacher     
Paul Otter  John Warren Sarah Lalieu Julie Railton Zoe Jones
Emma Porter    Simon Birtwistle        
Joanna Metcalf Tracey Hatton      
Jamie Murphy Heather Varley      
  Gill Hebenton      


Finance Committee Buildings, Health, Safety & Welfare Committee
Mrs H Varley (Chair) Mrs J Warren (Chair)
Mrs Z Jones (Headteacher) Mrs Z Jones (Headteacher)
Mr J Warren Mr R Pearson (to attend, Non-voting)
Mrs J Railton Mrs E Porter
Mrs G Hebenton Mrs S Lalieu
  Mrs G Hebenton
  Mr P Otter
Personnel Committee Curriculum Committee
Mr J Warren (Chair) Mrs T Hatton (Chair)
Mrs Z Jones (Headteacher) Mrs Z Jones (Headteacher)
Mrs H Varley Mr S Birtwistle
Mrs J Railton Mrs G Hebenton
  Mrs J Railton
  Mr J Warren
Staff Appointments Committee Pupil Discipline Committee
Any three governors subject to impartiality Any three governors subject to impartiality
Staff Dismissal Committee Appeals/Complaints Committee
Any three governors subject to impartiality Any three governors subject to impartiality
Headteacher's Performace Management Group  
Mrs T Hatton  
Mrs S Lalieu  
Mr S Birtwistle  
Specific Responsibilities  
Safeguarding Mrs E Porter
Pupil Premium/SEND Mrs S Lalieu
Health & Safety  
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