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Statutory Information

Where to find us

Appleton Thorn Primary School

Arley Road

Appleton Thorn



Tel: 01925 266764

Email: office@appletonthorn.tcat.uk.com

Web site: www.appletonthornprimary.org.uk

School Contacts

Mrs Jones (Headteacher)

Mrs Railton (Deputy Headteacher)

Mrs Roscoe (Administration & Communication Officer)

Mrs Roach (Business Manager)

Special Educational Needs co-ordinator (SENCO): Mrs Farrell Contact via school office on: 

01925 266764 or via office@appletonthorn.tcat.uk.com  marked FAO Mrs Farrell, SENCO.

Financial Information

Schools are responsible for a significant amount of public expenditure. Every year are financial data are published and viewable by schools, and members of the public on a national website. This can also be used to compare schools locally & nationally.

Click here to access our financial benchmarking information

Appleton Thorn Primary School Funding Agreement


It is a requirement that all schools publish number of employees on salaries on or above £100,000 per annum.  Appleton Thorn Primary School has 0 employees that meet this criteria. 

School Admissions

The Admissions Authority for the school is Warrington Borough Council. Admissions information can be found here.

Phonics Scheme

Our teachers use the DFE validated Bug Club Phonics scheme to deliver our phonics programme.  

2023 Phonics Pass Rate

Appleton Thorn Primary School      81.5%

National Average                               79%                         

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