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What is Hygge? (pronounced hue-guh)

Hygge is a Danish concept that means comfort, togetherness, and well-being.  

The Danish certainly know how to practise hygge with some of the happiest people in the world living there. I think we can all agree we need some of this in the UK, especially in the Early Years community and for the children in our care.

Hygge helps us focus on personal, social and emotional areas of learning, taking things slowly and taking time to appreciate things. In teaching, it is more about focusing on process not product. Children need a lot more time than we think to get to grips with activities. One day you may think they have it, the next they have ‘lost it’. Children need time to explore new skills and practise them in their own time. That is why teaching needs to be flexible and not rushed.

The environment needs to be calm and natural with no clutter and have plenty of cosy spaces where children can relax. Bringing nature in with plants and resources helps practise hygge. As well as having long periods of uninterrupted play, a calm uncluttered environment and communication friendly space is ideal to bring in ‘wellbeing time’ so that children learn to practise hygge. This can be a relaxing story, listening to some music, yoga, meditation etc. It's not just for the children for the adults too!

In this section you will find out more about what makes an education at Appleton Thorn Primary Hygge approach unique.  The team constantly research and refelct on our practice, ensuring that are children recieve the very best that we can offer.  

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