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International Schools Award 2019-2022


The children and staff at Appleton Thorn Primary School are delighted to have gained reaccreditation of the International Schools Award (ISA) after taking part in a variety of global themed activities. This page will be dedicated to sharing these activities through photographs, example activities and evaluations as these activities are completed. Appleton Thorn Primary's International Policy can be found here

We currently enjoy a partnership with Star International School. Star School is in Iringa, a town in Tanzania, Africa. This link was formed in 2014 through the previous International leader who visited the school on a self funded summer teaching project. The partnership has been re-established this year by Appleton Thorn through the British Council website and has been developed in recent months by staff members of both schools through pupil correspondance and joint activities, some of which you can read about on this page. 

Our school has also recently enjoyed working with Ecole Marie Maignot Nuits Saint George in the northern French town of Dijon. This link was set up in 2014, and enjoyed a number of collaborative projects and visits to the school by Appleton Thorn staff. This partnership came to an end in 2018.

In June 2019 we established a brand new link with College Les Sept Arpents in Strasbourg, France with whom we look forward to working with in the next school year. 

Black History Month

In October, Year 5 researched people of colour who had been strong advocates for peace during their lifetimes. After looking into their backgrounds, the children then selected significant events from their lives to include in their posters and factfiles that were presented in their RE books. Following this, children related the actions of these role models to their own lives in order to examine how they could advocate peace in a similar way.

The children have given their thoughts on the learning they took part in below:

Evaluation 1Evaluation 2

International Day of Peace

Children celebrated this day by investigating what peace means to them, how peace is regarded around the world, symbols of peace and the concepts of forgiveness and reconciliation. The children produced artwork, written work and and took part in discussions in class. 

The children enjoyed learning all about peace.

Remembrance Day

Children across the school took part in activities to mark 100 years since the end of World War One and investigated the significance of the poppy. Children used media clips, stories and assemblies to understand the terms 'armistice' and 'remembrance' before participating in workshops to make ceramic poppies in KS1 and KS2 and poppy themed artwork in the EYFS. This artwork was then shared with the community by being put on display in and around school.

French Language Learning

Children at Appleton Thorn enjoy French lessons as part of their curriculum. This year we have sought to enrich this through collaboration with a French school. Whilst this has proved challenging, we continue to pursue potential links through members of the school community, and children have been writing letters and postcards to send to our eventual partner school. You can see some of our correspondence, classroom activities and displayed work below. 

***JUNE 2019 UPDATE***

We have now been fortunate to secure a brand new link school in Strasbourg, France, through one of our pupils' family. College Les Sept Arpents in the village of Souffelweyersheim are as excited as we are to work together in the coming months to find ways of enriching our curriculums and giving our language learning a real life context. We have started by writing letters to introduce ourselves and sharing information on where we live. 

African Music and Song with Star School Iringa

This year Appleton Thorn Primary have linked with Star School in Iringa, Tanzania. Children from Key Stage One and Key Stage Two have shared introductory letters and posters with their new friends at Star School and we await letters in response. In order to deepen their awareness of cultural diversity, children at both schools have participated in and shared musical activities influenced by their partner school's country. Key Stage Two children at Appleton Thorn used part of their music curriculum to learn and perform African inspired music and song which they shared with their parents, friends and families. We were then able to share this with our new friends in Africa, who responded with their singing of the song 'Stars We Are Coming' inspired by their English language learning. Check out some of the photographs from both of our performances and videos below!


Here are some of the children's introductions and a staff evaluation:

World Faiths

This year, children across Key Stage One and Key Stage Two have looked at the main religions of Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity in a variety of ways. Please enjoy a selection of activities below to see what the children have learnt, beginning with Upper Key Stage Two's learning on the responsibilities of Bar/Bat Mitzvah (Judaism) and using movie making apps to retell creation stories (Christianity). 

Next, we have examples of Lower Key Stage Two children's actvities based on the origins of Islam and the key beliefs of Buddhism. 

Finally, Key Stage One children wrote and performed their own role play dramas to reflect how we can behave in the right ways, illustrating the Hindu concepts of Dharma and Adharma, and participated in a Sikh Langar Meal to develop an understanding of their duty to help others. 

International Sports Day

This year, Appleton Thorn's Sports Day was given an international feel as children competed in teams named after Olympic countries from around the world. In the run up to the day, children became familiar with the countries that they would compete with by gathering basic information and locating them on the world map. To deepen the global context of this event, EYFS children looked at the symbol of the Olympics, the Olympic Rings, whilst some older children worked collaboratively with our link school in Africa to study the Olympic values of determination and friendship. Pupils in Tanzania looked at what it means to be a good friend and shared art work, and the children of Appleton Thorn used their school value focus to look at determination and the importance of persevering. You can see some of the shared activities below, as well as photographs from the day. 

Refugee Week 2019

As part of their PSHE work, children have explored the term 'refugee', considered their understanding of those to whom it may refer and Year 6 looked at some misconceptions surrounding refugees in the UK.  Launched in a special assembly, Key Stage Two children were challenged to dicover stories of migration within their own community of family and friends, and to learn something new about refugees throughout history to share back in school. Younger children used the familiar character of Paddington to understand what it means to leave an unsafe home, what somebody may need if they had to do this and used circle time discussions to relate this to themselves by thinking about what they would take with them if they had to leave. Some Reception children even made their own suitcase, just like Paddington's! Examples of these activities can be found below. 

Country of Focus

The EYFS have enjoyed termly focusses on different countries around the world this year. They have learned about each country in a number of ways, including where it is in the world compared to the UK, who lives there and what they like to eat. Also, they have enjoyed finding out about the colours and shapes in the flag of the country and have took part in the arts using their country as a focus for their performance or art work. The wider school community have been invited to take part in celebrating the children's learning with collaborative sessions. Have a look at what we have been getting up to, including the children's performance of Kung Hei Fat Choi.


Visitors and parents who joined us were most impressed, and you can see more on our school Dojo pages!

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